Opening Salvo–Palm Sunday


That’s what this blog is about. Getting rid of the hubris. ¬†Cutting excess stuff–things, attitudes, words. Moving that stuff out of the way to get to the nitty-gritty, the meaning of a thing.

It requires discipline. In thought and in action.

Who am I?

You may know me from my now defunct blog Faith, Fiction, and Flannery. You may never have heard of me at all. No matter.

College-educated, today I clean toilets and wipe the bottoms of someone else’s children.

I have never been happier.

Great tragedies occur, and still, cleaning needs to be done and children need to be tended to. This is the nitty-gritty, the essential.

Leo Babauta said it best:

  1. Identify the essential
  2. Eliminate the rest

This is a new way of being for me. Join in and we can trudge this road of happy destiny together.