Where the hell have I been?



It’s been months, no SEASONS, since I’ve posted anything. What happened?

Here’s the long, the short, and the whole of it: I forgot about this blog. Seriously, I forgot I even started it.

But something strange happened in the last few weeks–the desire to write again nosed its way back into my consciousness. Then, a vague mist of recollection about starting a new blog last spring began to form.

I dismissed it as the faulty memory of middle age.

Until ten minutes ago when WordPress sent me an email displaying my 2015 blog activity.

Dismal doesn’t begin to describe it.

But here’s the thing about blogging–we get to restart, anytime, anywhere. Even in the last two days of 2015.

So, raise a glass to restarting at the end. May it mark a new beginning.