The Year of Saying “No.”


The daylight fades and a gray pall is cast upon the earth. It’s the first evening of the first day of the new year. What have I to say for myself?


I search for words to convey my exact meaning, and still, something is lost in translation.

Wisdom Himself, Christ, once said, “Let what you say be simply, “yes” or “no;” anything more than this comes from evil.” (Mt. 5:37)

Isn’t it enough that I remove the clutter from my home? Do I really have to remove it from my speech, too?

If I want to be understood, yes.

If I want to be taken seriously, yes.

If I want to continue living with a minimum of things so that I can get the maximum out of life, then absolutely yes.

Which is why I need to say No.

No to buying stuff I want but don’t need.

No to going out with the girls if it means I lose valuable time with my family.

No to distraction.

No to everything which takes me away from ultimate happiness.

What a tall order! But, as I’ve often heard it said, I can do something for fifteen minutes that would appall me if I had to do it for a lifetime.

I can say no to online shopping–for right now.

I can say no to checking my facebook status–for now.

Ditto for the twitter feed.

And email.

And other blogs.

All these things I can do later. Because what I need to do is publish this post, then go kiss my husband.

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