The Farmer’s Market

Feeling better, I donned my usual winter uniform–Irish sweater, jeans and loafers, and trekked out to the newest farmers market in town. It being winter, there were just a handful of fresh produce stands.  Hand-baked goods and exotic olive oils dotted the suburban mall landscape.

Actually, this farmer’s market wasn’t new at all. It exists from Spring to Fall at the town green. Only this year, they chose to open in winter at the local mall.

Thank goodness, if only because we have another place to go other than the super market. Guilty-conscience, though: super market and a big box store were a part of this trip. But they’re not as interesting to write about today.

Usually, I pass by any baked goods stand because I have the double-whammy of being gluten-sensitive (but not intolerant) and sugar-free (recovering addict). But I had to stop at The Dragon’s Nest because of the cool name.

The baked goods looked delicious. I wanted them. Today, I no longer buy everything I want. Walking into a Twelve Step meeting 5 1/2 years ago started me on the road to minimalism and moderation. For years, I had abused the privilege of eating sugar. That privilege is revoked, never to be gotten back. After all, a pickle can never return to being a cucumber. I’m okay with it. I’ve tasted every ingredient in those farm stand baked goods before.

Today, I leave those savory items for those who can eat them or for those who have not yet reached the depths of hell.

May they take a bite and know that hope and help exists.


If you are suffering from food addiction or know someone who is, here are some helpful Twelve Step organizations:




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