The Day’s Own Mess

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One of the more irritating aspects of day to day living is cleaning up today what is really yesterdays mess.

The dishes that are left in the sink overnight. OR the dishwasher that we put on just as we went to bed. Either way, we are still contending with yesterdays stuff.

Next, add in Tuesdays laundry. It’s clean, but still sitting in a pile on the couch.


Envelopes that came 3 weeks ago sit in a pile on the dining room table UNOPENED.

Can you relate to any of this?

We are so overscheduled and overwhelmed that we forget what Christ said all those years ago–

Don’t worry, I am here. Clean up the day, before it becomes a heavier burden for you tomorrow.

In other words, when we put off doing stuff, we are making it harder for ourselves. We are starting the day, not with a clean slate, but with the ball and chain known as Yesterday’s Mess.

-I LOVE folding 3 weeks worth of Laundry!- said no one EVER

Instead of “shoulding” on ourselves (as in “I SHOULD do this,” or  “I SHOULD’VE done that”), let’s “will” ourselves (as in “I WILL do this”).

Make a Plan.

The stuff we’ve accumulated didn’t just happen over night, and so we shouldn’t expect that it will be tidied up overnight or over a weekend.

So, let’s make a plan JUST FOR TODAY.

If MAIL is an issue, don’t worry about the pile sitting on the table. MAKE A PLAN that TODAY’S mail will be taken care of TODAY.

Throw away TODAY’S junk mail IMMEDIATELY.

OPEN BILLS. You don’t have to pay them today, but put them near your checkbook or where you normally write out your bills. Of course, you can always opt-in for paperless billing.

If LAUNDRY is your problem, forget about the pile in the corner for now.  For TODAY’S laundry, wash, dry, fold and put away TODAY.

If DISHES are a problem, well, you really can’t forget about yesterdays pile. You really do have to do them. But, hey, throw in today’s dishes and RUN THE DISHWASHER right after dinner. Clear it out just before you go to bed.  If you still have dirty dishes in the sink from evening snacking, fine. Once you clear out the dishwasher for the night, put THOSE dishes in it. WAIT TIL TOMORROW to do it. This way, you can put tomorrow’s breakfast dishes in the dishwasher IMMEDIATELY and you aren’t keeping your sink filled with dirty dishes.

By doing this, you may not be clearing the clutter from times past (just yet), but for now, you are at least not ADDING to the problem.

Start doing this today, and before you know it, you will be bouncing for joy like this guy:


Need help clearing the clutter? Want to get organized from a faith perspective? Contact me at



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